How to generate Leads from LinkedIn in 2022?

How to generate Leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a leading social media platform for professionals to network, share ideas, engage and grow together. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for your marketing and sales professionals to generate leads across globe.

Are you wondering how to generate lead from LinkedIn?

You are not alone…

Top ten effective ways to generate leads from LinkedIn

Let’s check out the top ten effective ways to generate leads from LinkedIn below.

1. LinkedIn is about Networking

LinkedIn is all about networking, and you should start networking with your potential prospects and customers to generate leads from across globe. Networking on LinkedIn is the best way and cost-effective method to generate leads and it is my personal favorite.

When you connect with new prospect via LinkedIn, you are using warm approach rather than a cold outreach. This means that you already know a something about your prospect and can immediately make propositions that relate to their interests, providing value to them off the bat.

Network with your existing customers and clients on LinkedIn and learn who their connections are, as they may be a potential prospect to you as well. If you have relationships with existing customers you connect with, request for referrals, references, and learn how to get in contact with a connection they have that matches your customer profile.

As LinkedIn is a professional network, such requests are less pushy and spammy, than cold calling someone after finding their number online. Prospects can receive your request to connect, browse your LinkedIn profile, check your shared connection and understand what you do as a guarantee of trust. 

2. Join relevant LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a social networking platform like any other social media platform available in the market.  You can create groups in LinkedIn which is relevant to your industry and encourage your prospects and customers to join the group. You should also join other LinkedIn groups which is relevant to your industry and try to engage with other professionals on the group.

You can post interesting content and updates to encourage discussions about relevant topics or simply publish about the services you offer. Your potential customers can see what you share and begin to recognize you as a source of valuable information by reading your content on the groups.

You can also use LinkedIn groups to learn more about your potential prospects and customers. If members are active on the groups, understand from what they share and discover common industry pain points and learn how your prospects want these challenges addressed. Utilize this information to your lead generation advantage, and create highly targeted customized pitch when you reach out to your potential prospects addressing their pain points.

3. Utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is described as the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals by top marketers and sales people around the world to build relationship with key decision makers and to generate lead. It is paid tool of LinkedIn and allows marketing and sales teams to engage with prospects and customers within the LinkedIn platform.

4. LinkedIn Ads

If you have a good marketing budget you can also use LinkedIn Ads to generate leads across globe. Using LinkedIn Ads, you can easily reach out to your target audience via sponsored InMail’s and text ads.

5. Create a LinkedIn Page for your business

Create a strong LinkedIn page for your business. Encourage your employees, customers and potential prospects to follow your business page to grow your page followers and increase wider audience.

Make sure your business page is active, by posting quality content and make contributions to conversations already happening on LinkedIn to attract more followers.

6. Ensure your Sales and Marketing executives have a compelling LinkedIn presence.

The essential part is to ensure that your executives have a compelling LinkedIn presence. Encourage your executives to share content about your company’s product or services on their LinkedIn profile. Ask them to join the LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and let them share your company’s content on those groups to attract your potential prospects.

7. Publish relevant content and updates. 

To ensure your LinkedIn page and profile are strong, consider posting various content types like image, text and videos. Publishing industry-relevant content can help you position yourself as a Thought Leader and establish relevance and add value with your potential prospects and customers. 

When you are recognized as a Thought Leader you will begin to develop connections with like-minded professionals that fit your ideal customer profile. If you post often in LinkedIn, you will become a regular on their feed, and familiarity makes it easier to initiate further discussions with your potential prospects.

If you ensure that the connections you have on LinkedIn are professionals within your industry, they can expose you to new audiences with the content you post. When your connections engage with your post by liking your post/commenting on your post that you have created, it will show up on their feed which may attract a new prospect. This prospect will see that your shared connection has liked your post, guarantee for your credibility and authority, and possibly tempting them to send a connection request.

Follow your LinkedIn page analytics to figure out what resonates with your potential prospects and customers and try to create content accordingly to generate more leads.

8. Consistency is the key

The more content you publish on LinkedIn, the more opportunities you have to be shared and discovered in LinkedIn among your potential prospects and customers.

If your posts are shared on a consistent basis and picking up good engagement, LinkedIn algorithm will likely to show your posts near the top of your followers’ feeds.

Do research and understand when your target audience are available online on LinkedIn and publish content at that time to increase engagement.

9. Appreciate the accomplishments of others

When you come across a news story or post on LinkedIn that offers great news about your customer or prospect, or any other key contact, share the news and appreciate the key person in the comment section.

10. Write a recommendation

Spend some time and start writing recommendations for your customers, potential prospects and key contacts. Once your LinkedIn contact approves the text, the recommendation will show up on his/her LinkedIn profile.

This will align you with your prospects and customers, serve as a permanent top-of-mind promotional piece for you and your business. It shows your LinkedIn network that you two works together, and make it much more likely that your contact will look forward a way to return the favor. That could be a referral or a recommendation either way it is beneficial for you.

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