How to Join Professional Groups on LinkedIn

Joining LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are an awesome way to connect with like-minded people within your target industry and get the best out of this incredible network. Let’s explore, how to find and join LinkedIn Groups in this article.

How to Join LinkedIn Groups?

  • Go to LinkedIn home page and start looking for specific group in the search bar, as you would find connections, companies, or something else on LinkedIn.
  • For example, if you would like to join a Digital Marketing group type “Digital Marketing Groups” in the search bar, LinkedIn will display the list of Digital Marketing groups.
  • On the LinkedIn search results page, click on the “Groups” filter option to see only the groups.
  • Go through the groups and choose on the ones you’re interested in joining.
  • After choosing the group, you can join the Group by selecting “Request to Join” on a Group’s home page or profile page.
  • Group admins of the particular group will get your request to join the group, once you are approved by the admin you are ready to post on the group.
  • If you are invited by one of your LinkedIn connections to join a group, just accept the invitation, you are all set.

How to see the groups you have joined on LinkedIn?

1. Open your browser and visit the LinkedIn homepage

2. Go to right side corner of the navigation bar you will find the Work icon

3. Under the Work icon you will see the Groups icon click on it

4. You will the see the list of groups which you are already a member under the Your groups icon

5. Under the Requested icon you will see the list of groups which you have requested to become a member

How to check My Groups in LinkedIn on an iPhone or Android phone?

1. Open the LinkedIn mobile app on your phone

2. Select your profile picture at the top-left corner of the app

3. Click View Profile

4. Scroll down until you find the Interests icon, you can select on the Groups icon below the interest’s icon

5. Once you click the group’s icon you will see the list of groups in which you are already joined.

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