LinkedIn Advertising how to?

How to advertise on LinkedIn

In this LinkedIn advertising guide, you can learn about why LinkedIn Ads, the different types of Ads in LinkedIn, how to create your LinkedIn Ad and tips and tricks to remember while creating your LinkedIn Ad campaign.

Why LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads provides you a wonderful opportunity to promote your brand, drive website traffic, generate new leads and convert more sales.

Types of Ads in LinkedIn

There are four different types of Ads in LinkedIn.

    1. Sponsored Content

    2. Messaging Ads

    3. Dynamic Ads

    4. Text Ads

1. LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Sponsored content allows you to generate leads, boost brand awareness, and build relationship at each stage of your sales funnel.

Sponsored ads display on your prospects LinkedIn feed whom you want to target. This ad format is labelled as promoted to differentiate from other content on LinkedIn platform.

There are 4 different formats of Sponsored Content Ads.

1. LinkedIn Single Image Ads

Single image ads display on LinkedIn’s home page and look similar to regular content posts, but it is labelled as promoted by LinkedIn to differentiate from regular content and it is a paid post.

Goals of the Single Image Ads: Boost brand awareness, drive website visits, increase engagement, drive website conversions, improve lead generation and attract job applicants.

2. LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn video ad allow you to show your audience about your brand’s story instead of telling. This ad format is good for launching new product, boosting thought leadership, sharing your customer experience and etc.,

Goal of the Video ads – To increase video views

3. LinkedIn Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads provides you an opportunity to tell your brand’s story with a swipeable series of cards.

Goal of the Carousel ads – Boost brand awareness, drive website visits, increase engagement, boost website conversions, and improve lead generation.

2. LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Messaging Ads allows you to directly reach your prospects via LinkedIn Messaging which delivers your message to their inbox, previously known as Sponsored InMail.

3. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads utilize LinkedIn profile data – like photo, company name, and job title – to personalize ads

There are 3 different types of LinkedIn Dynamic Ads.

1. Follower Ad

It allows you to promote your LinkedIn company page or Showcase page to boost your audience to follow your company page on LinkedIn just with a single click from their desktop application.

2. Spotlight Ad

It allows you to boost website traffic, generate event registration or highlight a new product.

3. Jobs Ad

It allows you to attract relevant job applicants by personalizing ads to reach to top talents on their mobile and desktop devices.

4. LinkedIn Text Ads

Text ads are simple and easy to create, but its compelling pay per click (ppc) or cost per impression (CPM) ads.

How to create a LinkedIn Ad?

Please follow the steps below to create your first LinkedIn ad.

Step 1: Setup a LinkedIn Page if you don’t have one already

LinkedIn page is mandatory to create Sponsored Content and Sponsored Messaging Ads. If you need help in creating one, please read our guide on how to create LinkedIn page for your business.

Step 2: Tap in to Campaign Manager or create an account.

Tap in to Campaign Manager platform, also known as LinkedIn’s ad manager to create your LinkedIn ad campaign and you can also track all your advertising activities, such as launching your campaigns, analysing reports and managing your ad campaign budget.

Step 3: Define your LinkedIn ad campaign objective

Determine what you want to achieve with your LinkedIn ads.

There are three different type of LinkedIn campaign objective.

  1. Awareness Ads
  2. Consideration Ads
  3. Conversion Ads

Step 4: Select your target audience

LinkedIn ads, lets you select your target audience by choosing a location, including job title, company name, industry type and personal or professional interests.

For your first LinkedIn ad campaign, LinkedIn recommends a target audience of at least 50,000 for Sponsored Content and Text Ads. For Message Ads LinkedIn recommends an audience size of 15,000 members to reach out.

Using Matched Audiences, LinkedIn lets you connect with people you already know in the past. You can also upload a list of email contacts to retarget them on LinkedIn to convert your old website visitors.

Step 5: Pick an ad format

Based on the objective you choose in the above section, you have the option to select from Sponsored Content options (single-image, carousel or video ads), Text Ads or Message Ads.

Step 6: Determine your budget and schedule

By default, Campaign Manager will show a budget range based on other competing bids for your target audience.

The initial 2-4 weeks were considered as a learning experience to identify what works or what doesn’t. LinkedIn recommends a daily budget of at least $100 or a monthly budget of $5,000 for testing your first LinkedIn add campaign.

Step 7: Test your ad

If you have selected for Sponsored Content or Text Ads, the Campaign Manager will display previews so you can get a glimpse of the final look of your ad. In case if you have selected Message Ads, you will be able to send a test message to yourself. Based on it you can do necessary changes if it is required.

Step 8: Enter payment information

You need to share your payment information before launching your ad to your prospects. Once you have entered the payment information, you are ready to launch your ad. This step is mandatory to launch your ad campaign.

Step 9: Track performance

Measure your LinkedIn Ad campaign performance by taping in to Campaign Manager, the first thing you will notice is the reporting dashboard for your LinkedIn ads. Review and analyse your ad performance metrics, access charts and demographics, or you can also export a CSV report to understand how does your ad campaign performed. Based on the report improve your future ad campaigns by creating similar campaigns which worked best for you in the past.


LinkedIn ads can be an incredibly effective way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and convert more sales.

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