How to create a LinkedIn Page for your business?

How to create a LinkedIn Page for your business (2)

LinkedIn page for business helps you to build your brand, create a wonderful network, and establish relationship with experts in your industry.

More than 57 million companies use LinkedIn for business, for recruiting, hiring top talent and social selling. (Source – LinkedIn)

Let’s check out how to create a LinkedIn Page for your business.

1. Create a LinkedIn Page

To create a LinkedIn page, you need to have a LinkedIn personal account.

How to create a LinkedIn Business Page

  1. Go to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website and select the LinkedIn Pages section. Click Create your Page.
Source – LinkedIn
  • Select the appropriate category for your business.
Source – LinkedIn
  • Enter the company details in the form. A page preview appears how it looks as you keep adding content. Copy and paste your website URL to direct your followers to your website. Enter your business name as your username to make it easy for your customers to find your page.
Source – LinkedIn
  • Next, upload your company logo and add your company tagline. This step is optional, we recommend you to add your company logo and company logo in your LinkedIn company page. According to LinkedIn, companies with logos drive six times more visits.
Source – LinkedIn
  • Click Create Page.

2. Complete your LinkedIn Page Bio

Complete your LinkedIn Page information from basic to advanced level by adding more details. This provides your followers with more information about your business and improves your company ranking in Google and LinkedIn search results. According to a research, LinkedIn fully completed business pages get 30% more views than others.

To add information, select the pencil icon on your business page profile under your company name.

Company description: Enter a short description about your company by adding your vision, mission, values, and provide a description of your products and services in three to four short paragraphs. Add keywords while writing description about your company it makes SEO friendly and your page will rank on top of the LinkedIn search results while your customers search for it.

Location: Enter your office locations for your customers to know where your company is located. If you are a global brand and have multiple offices across globe you can add several addresses by selecting +Add Location.

Hashtags: Three hashtags can be added to your LinkedIn company page to make your company page more searchable. Select hashtags that are relevant to your industry and that best suit your business.

Cover photo: Cover photo is the background photo for your LinkedIn business page. Select an image that showcases your business. Avoid images that are too busy or cluttered. Recommended image size for LinkedIn business page is 1584 (width) x 396 (height) pixels.

Custom button: Add a button to your LinkedIn business page to encourage to take action for your followers. Visit website, contact us, learn more, register, and sign up are the several options available. Make sure to add the appropriate URL so followers who click the button land on the correct page.

Manage language: If you are a global brand and target multilingual audience, you can add your name, tagline, and description in over 20 different languages to attract followers across globe.

3. Promote your LinkedIn business page

Promote your LinkedIn business page in other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and etc…,

Encourage you employees to follow your business page by sending a companywide email with the news. Educate your employees on how they can follow the LinkedIn company page and make sure to add the company name in their LinkedIn profiles.

Promote your page with your existing customers and ask the follow your page and encourage them to share your company page with their LinkedIn network to attract more followers. In your company newsletter and in your website add a link to your LinkedIn business page.

LinkedIn page admins can also invite their connections from their LinkedIn personal account to follow the business page. Just click the Admin Tools dropdown in the upper right corner of your business page and select Invite Connections.

4. Add LinkedIn buttons

Add social media links to the header or footer of your company website or in email newsletter so it’s easy for your customers or potential prospects to find your LinkedIn Page.

5. Create a LinkedIn marketing strategy

Once your LinkedIn Company Page is ready it’s time to work on your LinkedIn marketing strategy to attract more followers and grow your page.

Determine what goals you would like to accomplish on LinkedIn? Would you use LinkedIn business page for talent hiring, social selling, connecting with customers, networking with prospects, generating leads or all of the above? Should your LinkedIn marketing budget include ads?

Check out your competitors LinkedIn business page and see how they use the platform, identify what works for them and try to come with a similar strategy to attract more followers.

Top 7 LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your LinkedIn Company page

Let’s check out top 7 LinkedIn marketing tips to grow your LinkedIn Business page below.

1. Experiment with different types of content

Generally, posts with photos and videos perform better across social media platforms. The same works for LinkedIn as well.

Posts with images receive 98% more comments than those without according to LinkedIn. Custom collages post which includes 3-4 images in one post perform well for business pages as per LinkedIn.

You can also upload different types of contents like PDFs, PowerPoint, or SlideShare presentations to attract your audience.

According to LinkedIn, video content has five times more engagement on LinkedIn than any other content type. Benefit of using LinkedIn native video is that it auto-plays when someone scrolls through the video. As a result, it does an excellent job at attracting your audience attention.

2. Identify the right time to post

It is essential to post consistently to build an audience on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn companies that post once a month drive followers six times faster than those that don’t. Brands that publish post weekly see two times the engagement and company that post once a day gain even more traction.

According to research done by Hootsuite the best times to publish post on LinkedIn are 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m. EST.

The best day for B2B brands is Wednesday. For B2C brands, Mondays and Wednesday are best.

4. Go Live on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Live is the only format which is more engaging than any other content format on LinkedIn. Live broadcasts perform 24 times more engagement that a pre-taped video does.

Promote on other marketing channels before hosting a LinkedIn live to attract more audience. Spread the word across all your audience touchpoints.

5. Create a Showcase Page

Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page to engage a specific target community. These pages help you to attract your target audience in an alternate way to follow you, even if they don’t follow your business page.

For example, HubSpot has two showcase pages for its different products and communities.

6. Measure your LinkedIn Page Analytics

Check LinkedIn Analytics frequently to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Measure post metrics to understand which content engaged with most of your audience, and see which content didn’t do well. Manage your content calendar accordingly.

From the LinkedIn company page analytics dashboard, you can also monitor how people find your page and with what content they engage with mostly. Compare how many page views your business page get per month, and if you have a Showcase Page, see how much traction it’s getting. Visitor demographics gives you a glimpse of who’s interested in your company.

7. Target the right audience

The most important LinkedIn marketing tools is its organic targeting option for posts. LinkedIn business page admins can target posts based on target customers profile data, including organization size, industry, job, seniority, geography, and language preference.

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