How to grow Facebook page?

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Facebook has 2.85 billion plus monthly active users in the first quarter of 2021. On daily basis, Facebook has 1.84 billion active users that are visiting the Facebook site. It is the most popular and biggest social network platform worldwide. (Source – Statista).

Top 17 effective ways to grow Facebook page and followers

Let’s check out the 17 effective ways below to grow your Facebook page and followers.

1.Invite friends to like your Facebook Page

Invite your friends and family members who you think would be interested in your business to like your Facebook page

2.Request your friends to share your Facebook page with their networks.

By requesting your friends to share your page with their networks can help you reach more no of people to follow your Facebook page. Ask if they can share a link to your Page in a post on their timeline.

3.Post as the Page in Facebook groups

Join the local groups and relevant groups which is related to your industry in Facebook and post as your Facebook page in local groups or groups related to your industry. This is a good way to increase your followers.

4.Share your Page on your Facebook personal News Feed

Share your family and friends about your Facebook Page. Ask your family and friends to like your Facebook page and request them to share it with people in their network who may also be interested in your business.

5.Engage on other posts and in Facebooks groups as your Facebook Page

Comment on other people’s post across Facebook to make you more visible to new and existing Page fans and customers.

6.Create and share relevant content

Create and share relevant content on your Facebook page. Make sure that the content you share on your Facebook Page is relevant to your industry so that people who follow or like your Page find it useful.

7.Post when your audience are online

Share content on your Facebook page when your audience are online. It increases the engagement of your post.

8.Manage interactions through Inbox

Whether your customers want to learn about a new product or need to resolve an issue, you can interact with them privately in Inbox in Messenger. 

9.Share your Facebook page on other social media channels

Promote your Facebook page on other social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc and request your connections to follow your Facebook page.

10.Upload Consistently

Create content and upload consistently on your Facebook page to become successful, the successful people who are out there are the ones who create content and upload consistently.

11.Engage with your Followers

People like when you start engaging with your followers by reading their comments below your posts on your Facebook page and responding to those comments.

12.Boost your posts with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers an opportunity to promote your posts with Facebook ads. Creating a Facebook ad campaign with Facebook ads helps to boost your post on your Facebook page and increase followers to your page.

13.Go Live

Go live on your Facebook page and start interacting with your followers by

Hosting a Question-and-Answer sessions on your page

Interview industry experts on your page

Share weekly and monthly tips on your page

Demonstrate how to do something on your page

Discuss about your upcoming projects and etc

14.Create video content

According to a research video content on Facebook has higher engagement rate and higher share rate. Please create and share more video content on your page to increase more engagements.

15.Requests for opinions

Request your followers for opinions what kind of content they are looking for, what you could improve on. Based on their opinions please create more content that answer their questions.

16.Check out your competitor pages

You need to check out your competitor Facebook pages and understand what is working for them and try to come up with similar content to attract more followers.

17.Offer giveaways

Offer contest and giveaways post occasionally to increase more engagement.

Top 8 Benefits of Facebook page

  1. Boost website traffic
  2. Target billions of potential customers
  3. Gain insight of your followers
  4. Reach out to your target audience by location, demographics and interests
  5. Reduce your marketing cost
  6. Engage with your audience
  7. Competitor analysis
  8. Build brand loyalty

1.Boost your website traffic

Facebook page helps you to drive traffic to your website and blogs by sharing links on your post which can direct to your prospects and customers to your website and blogs when your audience click on the links. Boosting traffic to your website and blogs through Facebook page can be done by organic and paid advertising.

2.Target billions of potential customers

Facebook has more than 2.85 billion of monthly active users, by creating a Facebook page you have an opportunity to reach out to billions of potential customers across globe.

3.Gain insight of your followers

Facebook page allows you to gain the insight of your followers. They are easy to understand and provide great information to the page owners.

On your Facebook page under insight, you can check out

  1. The no of page views
  2. New page likes
  3. Reach of your post
  4. Actions of page
  5. And more

4.Reach to your target audience by location, demographics and Interests

Facebook offers an opportunity to reach to your target audience by location, demographics and Interests by using Facebooks Ads. You can boost your post by using Facebook ads to reach to your target audience.

5.Reduce your marketing cost

Creating a Facebook page and sharing a content on your page is absolutely free. You can even grow your followers on Facebook page organically without burning your marketing budget. If your content is good, it automatically increases your post reach to a wider audience.

6.Engage with your audience

Facebook page allows to directly engage with your audience by replying to their comments on your posts, by hosting a questing and answers sessions with your audience.

7.Competitor analysis

You can check out your competitors Facebook page and you can improve your page based on your competitor analysis.

8.Build brand loyalty

Constantly posting and engaging with your followers on Facebook page helps to enhance your customer loyalty by directly engaging with them. By connecting and engaging with your customers on Facebook page ensures the best service of your product and service and you will be able to build a lasting relationship with your customers and your business.

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