How to Create LinkedIn Polls 2022?

How to Create LinkedIn Polls

You are here because you have seen a lot of polls on your LinkedIn feed lately. In this guide you can learn how to create your LinkedIn poll, benefits of LinkedIn polls and FAQ’s regarding LinkedIn polls.

You can create your LinkedIn polls from your mobile device and on your desktop computers and you need to follow the same steps.

LinkedIn polls can be created from your professional profile (individual account), company page, showcase page, group, and even inside an event on LinkedIn platform.

You and anyone checking your LinkedIn poll post can see how many people have voted to your poll while it is active and when it comes to an end.

How to Setup LinkedIn Polls?

1.First step – Go to your LinkedIn home page

2.Tap the option to Start a Post.

3.In the Create a Post window, select the (+) icon and tap the Create a Poll option.

4.Next, type in a question and you can add up to four poll response options. Currently, LinkedIn allows the participants to select only one response instead of choosing multiple responses. I highly recommend that your question should encourage the participants to choose one option that suits them well.

5.Select a time duration for poll responses from the drop-down menu and Tap ‘Done’. (Default option – 1 week, you can select minimum – 24 hours to maximum – Two weeks)

6.Post your poll to – LinkedIn Groups (if you are a member of a group) or Anyone across the LinkedIn network.

7.Final step is to complete the rest of your poll post. Ensure that you include 1–3 LinkedIn hashtags which are relevant to your poll topic to attract participants from outside of your immediate LinkedIn audience. When you are completed, hit Post to publish it.

When your poll has ended, take a look at who responded to it. LinkedIn will show you participants name, profile headline, and poll response.

Top 5 Benefits of LinkedIn polls

Check out the top benefits of LinkedIn polls below.

  1. Boost Engagement
  2. Drive website traffic
  3. Generate Leads
  4. Market Research
  5. Promote your product or service

Frequently asked questions about the LinkedIn Polls.

1.Who can see the vote on LinkedIn poll?

Only the author of the poll post can see who are voted. If you created a poll on your LinkedIn page admins of your page can see who are voted.

2.Can you create polls both on mobile and desktop?

Yes, you can create polls on both mobile and desktop.

3.How many options can a LinkedIn poll have?

A poll can have four options to select from.

4.How many times a participant can vote?

A participant can vote only once on a poll at a time.

5.Is there a character limit for LinkedIn polls?

Yes, LinkedIn poll questions are restricted to a maximum of 140 characters and options are limited to a maximum of 30 characters.

6.Can LinkedIn page admin create polls?

Yes, Admins of LinkedIn Pages can create polls.

7.Can you edit a LinkedIn poll?

No, you can’t edit a poll once it’s created.

8.Can you delete a LinkedIn poll?

Yes, you delete a poll at any time.

9.Can you reopen a poll after the closing date?

No, you can’t reopen.

10.Can LinkedIn pages vote on a poll?

Yes, a Admin of the LinkedIn page can vote on behalf of a LinkedIn page

11.Can the Author of the poll vote on their own poll?

Yes, the author of the poll can vote on their own poll.

12.Can you change or remove your vote?

Yes, you can change or remove your vote.


Now you know everything you need to know about creating a LinkedIn poll, to get you started. Create your first LinkedIn poll and share your feedback in the comments.

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