Top 35 LinkedIn Interesting statistics every marketer must know in 2022

Top 35 LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals to network.

Let’s check out the top 35 interesting LinkedIn statistics every marketer should know.

1. LinkedIn has more than 774 million members. (Source – LinkedIn)

2. 57 million plus companies were listed on LinkedIn.

3. 210 million plus job applications were submitted every month on LinkedIn.

4. 40 million plus members are using LinkedIn to search jobs every week.

5. 57% of LinkedIn users are men and 43% users are women. (Source – Hootsuite 2020)

6. 27.1% of internet users in Canada across all devices use LinkedIn every month. (Source – eMarketer)

7. 59.9% of LinkedIn’s users are between 25 and 34 years old. (Source – Hootsuite)

8. 4 people were hired every minute on LinkedIn

9. Content creation increased by 60 percentage in the year 2020 (Source – LinkedIn)

10. 57 % of LinkedIn users login to the platform through their mobile devices.

11. LinkedIn users are 20X more likely to reshare a video post. (Source – LinkedIn)

12. An advertisement on LinkedIn can reach 13 percentage of world’s population. (Source – Hootsuite 2020)

13. 65 million plus decision makers are using LinkedIn.

14. 96 percentage of Business to Business(B2B) marketers use LinkedIn for organic content distribution. (Source – CMI)

15. 80 percentage of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn paid ads.

16. 33% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn to research about the company before they buy. (Hootsuite 2020)

17. More than 10,000 B2B product pages were listed on LinkedIn.

18. 61 million plus Senior level influencers are on LinkedIn. (Source – LinkedIn)

19. LinkedIn post with images get 2X higher engagement rate. (Source – LinkedIn)

20. 30 percentage of brand’s engagement on LinkedIn comes from employees of that particular brand.

LinkedIn user’s statistics by region.

1. 212 million plus users from APAC region

2. 202 million plus users from EMEA region

3. 199 million plus users from NAMER region

4. 118 million plus users from LATAM region

5. 40 million plus users from MENA region

General Statistics about LinkedIn.

1. More than 16,000 employees were working at LinkedIn around the globe

2. LinkedIn has 33 offices world wide

3. LinkedIn is available in 24 languages currently across the globe.

4. LinkedIn turned 18 years old in this year May 5, 2021.

5. LinkedIn is the most trusted social network platform in the U.S (Source – eMarketer)

Growth Statistics about LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn surpassed 10B USD revenue in Q4 FY2021

2. 27% year over year growth in revenue in Q4 FY2021

3. 30% year over year growth in platform engagement in Q4 FY2021

4. 1B USD revenue surpassed for LinkedIn marketing solutions Q4 FY2021

5. 1 million hours of learning content were watched each week in Q4 FY2021

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