How to do Facebook Live Streaming 2023?

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Facebook Live is a live stream video feature of the Facebook platform which allows you to broadcast live stream videos on your account using the camera on a computer or a mobile device.

Are you wondering how to go live on Facebook?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

How to go Facebook/fb live?

Follow the steps below to go live on Facebook.

1. Hit the camera icon on the left side of your Facebook search bar.

2. Facebook prompts you to grant access to your camera and microphone, give access.

3. Tap the “Live” button which you can find at the bottom of your camera screen.

4. Select your privacy and posting settings.

5. Enter an attractive description.

6. Tag your Facebook friends, select your location, or you add an activity.

7. Set your camera’s orientation.

8. You can add lenses, filters, or writing and drawing to your Live video.

9. Tap the blue “Start Live Video” button to start Live streaming.

10. Engage with your audience in the comments.

11.Tap “Finish” to end the Live stream.

12. Publish your live stream video and save the video on your device.

How to do Facebook live on computer/laptop?

1. Login to your Facebook business Page and select the “Post something” box, as if you’re writing a new post. If you haven’t created a Facebook page yet check this guide to create one now.

2. Enter an attractive description to your Live video which will display on your Facebook Page’s Timeline and in the News Feed.

3. Grant permission to Facebook to access your computer’s camera and microphone.

4. Ensure your description and Live video view are perfect before starting your Live stream.

5. Press “Go Live” button to start your Live broadcasting.

6. Your Live stream will display in the News Feed and on your Facebook Page’s Timeline.

Top 16 Facebook Live tips

Here’s the list of top 16 Facebook Live tips you need to consider before going live on Facebook. Promote it before you are going Live

1. Have a strong Internet connection to go Live

2. Get updated on Facebook Live best practices.

3. Test live video option using the “Only me” privacy setting.

4. Zone out your live stream videos with other Facebook posts.

5. Keep reintroducing yourself.

6. Make your live stream visually engaging.

7. Make it spontaneous.

8. Don’t worry about mistakes or stutters.

9. Request your audience to Like and share the video.

10. Interact with your audience in the comments, and mention them by name.

11. Please ask your team member to watch the comments and let them respond to comments from a mobile or a desktop computer.

12. Subtitle your Live stream video in the comments section.

13. Encourage your audience to subscribe to Facebook Live notifications.

14. Live stream for at least 10 minutes.

15. Say thank you to your audience before ending your live video.

16. Add a link to the description later.

How to go Live on Facebook with another person or page?

If you are the host, you have an option to choose a guest to go Live with you during a mobile live broadcast from your Facebook page or Individual profile.Hit the ‘Live’ icon at the top of your News Feed of your profile or Facebook Page

1. Tap the ‘Live With’ icon at the bottom of the screen

2. Tap the person you want to invite from the list of viewers and select ‘Add’ to your Live stream

3. The host can add a guest or remove a guest anytime from the Live stream

4. Guest also have an option to disconnect themselves from the Live stream at any time

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Live?

You can use Facebook live for various reasons, here’s the list of top ten reasons to go live on the leading social networking platform.

 1. To communicate with your Audience in the real time

2. To address questions or doubts from your audience in the most genuine wayTo announce a new product launch

3. To introduce a new partnership

4. To showcase industry related updates

5. To share your success

6. To conduct an online webinar

8. To interview your guests

9. To demonstrate how to do something

 10. To showcase your organization culture

FAQs regarding how to use Facebook Live?

1. Can I go Facebook Live from my phone?

Yes, you can go Facebook Live from your phone both Android and Apple.

2. Can I go Facebook Live from my desktop computer/laptop?

Yes, you can go Facebook Live from your desktop computer/laptop

3. Is Facebook Live useful?

Yes, it is useful

4. Can I go live with a guest on Facebook Live?

Yes, you can go live with a guest.

5. Can I go live from Facebook Page?

Yes, you can go live from your Facebook business page

6. Can I go live from Personal fb account?

Yes, you can go live from your personal Facebook account/profile.

7. Can I save Facebook Live stream video?

Yes, you can save your Facebook live stream video

8. Can my viewers comment on my FB live video?

Yes, your viewers can comment on your live stream video.

9. Is Facebook live free?

Yes, it is.

11. Is Facebook live actually Live?

Yes, it is real time

12. How long does Facebook Live Last?

You can live stream up to 8 hours from your computer. You can live stream up to from your mobile device

13. Can you watch a Facebook Live video?

Yes, you can.

14. Does Facebook save live videos?

Yes, Facebook automatically saves your live stream video.

15. Which device Facebook live supports?

Facebook live supports Android, Apple, desktop computer and laptop

Final Thoughts

Facebook Live is a great way to interact with your audience in real-time which helps you to grow your online presence. You should start using the feature often.

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