How to check YouTube Statistics in 2023

How to check YouTube Statistics

In this guide you will learn how to use and interpret YouTube analytics, which helps you to understand what is working and what is not working for your business. Based on that you can improve your YouTube marketing strategy.

How to see YouTube statistics/analytics?

To check your YouTube Analytics, login to your YouTube account and select manage videos on the right side of your screen, it will automatically redirect you to your Creator Studio. Then, select the Analytics tab in the menu on the left side of your screen.

To measure which of your videos are performing the best on YouTube, select Watch timeunder Watch time reports. On the top of the Analytics page there will be a graph of your watch time(hours) in general, and if you scroll down, you can see a list of your videos ranked by watch time.

The best performing videos will be at the top and, to check more statistics related to these high-performing videos, just select on their titles. Then you will be able to check around the different sections in your Analytics and see reports relating to the specific video you have selected.

Switch between Overview, Reach, Engagement and Audience to check the different types of information based on your need.

YouTube channel analytics explained in detail below


On the right side of your screen, you can see the number of subscribers who have subscribed to your channel.

Realtime views

This data shows the number of times your video has been watched in the past 48 hours, displayed in a bar chart with estimated hourly views updated in real time.

Top Views

A glimpse of your top performing videos based on views over a specific duration is shown here.

Channel Views

The total number of views your YouTube channel received over the specific time duration

YouTube Channel watch time

The total amount of time your viewers have spent on watching all the videos on your channel for a specific duration.

What is YouTube Reach Metrics?

To check how your videos were discovered by people on and off YouTube.


The number of times thumbnails of your videos were shown to people on YouTube

Impressions click through rate (CTR)

This data displays the percentage of viewers who has clicked on a thumbnail on YouTube to watch your videos

YouTube Traffic Sources

To measure from where and how people are finding your videos. YouTube Search, browse features, playlists, and suggested videos are the different internal traffic sources.

Search engine, social media, or other website are the different external traffic sources.

What is YouTube Audience Metrics?

This YouTube audience report helps you to understand who watches your videos. 

Unique viewers

This metrics shows the unique views of your videos on YouTube platform

Returning viewers

This report shows the no of people who are returning to YouTube channel again.

When your viewers are on YouTube

This metrics shows the days and times, when most of your viewers are on YouTube platform.

Top geographies

This report shows your audience data based on their geography.

Other videos that your audience watched

This data shows your viewers online activity outside of your YouTube channel. This metric is based on your audience across all devices in the past seven days.

Watch time from subscribers

This data displays the total video watch time which has comes from people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel.

YouTube Audience demographics

This report contains the age, gender, location, and language stats for the audience who had watched your videos on YouTube.

What is YouTube revenue metrics?

If your YouTube account is eligible for YouTube monetization features, you will have access to the Revenue tab to track your earnings of your channel.

Estimated Monthly revenue

This data shows how much has your channel earned in the past 6 months from google ads.

Revenue sources

This metric displays from which sources you are making money on YouTube

Transaction revenue

This report shows the estimated net revenue from transactions such as Super Chat or paid content.

Ad types

This data displays the format of the ad and its buying platform. This metric is only available for YouTube ad revenue and impression-based data.

What is YouTube Engagement Metrics?

The Engagement tab displays you a summary of how long your audience is watching your videos on YouTube platform.

In this tab you can see reports for:

Top videos

This data shows your top Videos with the most watch time over the past 28 days.

Top playlists

This metric shows the top Playlists with the most watch time over the past 28 days.

Top videos by end screen

This data displays your channel’s most effective end screens over the past 28 days.

Top end screen element types

Track your channel’s most effective end screen element types over the last 28 days using this data.

Top posts

Your top Community posts over the last 28 days is displayed here.

Finals Thoughts

Understanding YouTube analytics is very essential to create a successful YouTube marketing strategy.

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