Top 30 interesting statistics for Facebook every marketer should know

Top 30 interesting statistics for Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform based on the number of monthly active users. (Source: Facebook, 2021)

Let’s check out the Top 30 interesting statistics about Facebook below.

1. Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users (MAUs), a 12% increase year over year. (Source: Facebook, 2021)

2. More than 1.1 billion Facebook users know to speak in English (Source: We Are Social, 2021)

3. 98.3 percentage of Facebook users access the Facebook platform on their mobile device. (Source: Statista, 2021)

4. Over 320 million users on the platform, India is the most popular country with the highest number of Facebook users. (Source: Statista, 2021)

5. 70% of adults in the U.S use the Facebook platform every day. (Source: Pew Research Institute, 2021)

6. Every month, more than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups. (Source: Facebook, 2020)

7. 69% of Americans use Facebook. (Source: Statista, 2021)

8. 37% of U.S. adults get their news from Facebook. (Source: Pew Research Center, 2019)

9. 30% of Facebook’s audience was under the age of 25 in 2020. (Source: Statista, 2021)

10. 17.3% of Facebook’s active users access the Facebook platform from their desktop (Source: We Are Social, 2021)

11. 18.8%. of Men between the age group of 25-34 make up the most significant demographic group (Source: Statista, 2021)

12. 12.8% of Women in the age group of 25-34 make up the Facebook’s global active users. (Source: Statista, 2021)

13. More than 1.2 billion users on Facebook are from Asia continent. (Source: Statista, 2021)

14. 56.8% of Facebook users are Male and 43.2% of Facebook users are Female. (Source: Statista, 2021)

15. More than 85% of Facebook’s daily active users (DAUs) come from outside of the US and Canada. (Source: Fast Company, 2021)

16. 61.3% of Facebook users are under the age 35. (Source: Statista, 2021)

17. Facebook platform usage is high among the U.S adults who earns more the 70k USD annually. (Pew Research Institute, 2021)

18. In 2018, 78% of US consumers made purchases through discoveries on Facebook. (Source: Kleiner Perkins, 2018)

19. 93% of businesses are active on Facebook. (Source: Buffer, 2019)

20. More than 200 million businesses use Facebook’s apps and free tools (Source: Facebook, 2021)

21. On average, 35.7% of posts from a Facebook page are images. (Source: We Are Social, 2021)

22. 5% of Facebook users used the Facebook platform to look and shop for products online (Source: eMarketer)

23. In 2018, 78% of US consumers made purchases through discoveries on Facebook. (Source: Kleiner Perkins, 2018)

24. Every month, over 3.3 billion users use Facebook’s group of services like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger. (Source: Facebook, 2021)

25. On average, U.S adult users spends 33 minutes per day on Facebook. (Source: Marketing Land, 2019)

26. Facebook Stories has more than 500 million daily viewers. (Source: TechCrunch, 2019)

27. Facebook users are 1.5 times more interested to watch a video on their phone. (Source: Facebook, 2017)

28. 62% of users have reported being more interested in a product/service after seeing it on a Facebook video. (Source: Facebook, 2018)

29. 81% of businesses prefer video marketing on Facebook. (Source: Buffer, 2019)

30. Facebook is the second most popular video property behind Google. (Source: Statista, 2021)

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