How to grow Facebook page?

Facebook has 2.85 billion plus monthly active users in the first quarter of 2021. On daily basis, Facebook has 1.84 billion active users that are visiting the Facebook site. It is the most popular and biggest social network platform worldwide. (Source – Statista). Top 17 effective ways to grow Facebook page and followers Let’s check outContinue reading “How to grow Facebook page?”

What is a CRM software? Types and Advantages

What is CRM market size? The global customer relationship management market size was valued at USD 43.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD 96.5 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6% from 2021 to 2028. (Source – Grandview research). According to the research, one of theContinue reading “What is a CRM software? Types and Advantages”

Statistics about Social Media Top 8 leading Platforms

What is Social Media? Social media refers to websites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn and etc. that are designed to allow users to share content quickly and easily with their connections across globe.  It helps users to connect and engage with their audience to build their brand, and increase followers. Statistics about SocialContinue reading “Statistics about Social Media Top 8 leading Platforms”

Cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator? LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid tool of LinkedIn, features a collection of advanced search capabilities, greater visibility into expanded networks, and personalized algorithms that help LinkedIn members connect with the right decision-maker across globe. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has been claimed as the best version of LinkedIn for sales professionals across globe. SalesContinue reading “Cost of LinkedIn Sales Navigator”

What is B2B Lead Generation and how it works?

What is B2B lead generation? B2B lead generation is the process of identifying the right set of prospects for your company’s product or service, then converting them to buy. It is an important activity for marketing and sales teams in B2B environment. B2B lead generation also known as business-to-business lead generation where businesses that primarilyContinue reading “What is B2B Lead Generation and how it works?”

5 Benefits of using CRM you must know in 2021

What is CRM? Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of managing interactions with existing as well as past and potential customers. A CRM platform allow companies to improve business relationships with customers. Top 5 benefits of CRM platform; Act as a Centralized database Track all engagements with the prospects Dashboard Never miss a follow-up SalesContinue reading “5 Benefits of using CRM you must know in 2021”

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Its top Benefits?

LinkedIn has 740 million members from 200 plus countries with over 50 million registered companies. 40% of the users access the platform on daily basis clocking up over 1 billion interactions every month. LinkedIn is an incredible tool for B2B business to generate leads. LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers several advanced search filters and tools thatContinue reading “What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Its top Benefits?”

How to grow YouTube channel in 2021?

YouTube is technically the second largest search engine with over 3 Billion searches per month.  According to YouTube, everyday people watch one billion hours of videos on YouTube. How to grow YouTube channel? Let’s check out the top 8 effective ways to grow your YouTube Channel. Top 8 effective ways to grow YouTube channel; 1.Create videos aroundContinue reading “How to grow YouTube channel in 2021?”

What is the Social Media Marketing and its benefits?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.., to connect with your prospects and customers to drive website traffic, build your brand, and increase sales. This involves posting great content on your social media channels, listening to and engaging with your followers, analyzing your results, andContinue reading “What is the Social Media Marketing and its benefits?”