Facebook Advertising how to?

Facebook had over 10 million advertisers on their platform in Q3, 2020 to promote their product and service (Source – Statista). Facebook for Advertising is the use of Facebook platform to advertise. This activity will allow you to promote products and services of your company into a wider audience. You will have to create andContinue reading “Facebook Advertising how to?”

What are Twitter Spaces and how it works?

What are Twitter Spaces? Twitter Spaces is a new feature added in Twitter to have live audio conversations with your audience on the Twitter platform which is similar to Clubhouse. Twitter Spaces provides opportunity for users to host and participate in live audio conversations, hosted within “Spaces” on Twitter platform. How Twitter Spaces Work? TwitterContinue reading “What are Twitter Spaces and how it works?”

How to create a LinkedIn Page for your business?

LinkedIn page for business helps you to build your brand, create a wonderful network, and establish relationship with experts in your industry. More than 57 million companies use LinkedIn for business, for recruiting, hiring top talent and social selling. (Source – LinkedIn) Let’s check out how to create a LinkedIn Page for your business. 1. Create aContinue reading “How to create a LinkedIn Page for your business?”

How to create a Facebook page for Business? in less than 10 minutes

Creating Facebook Business Page is essential for any business and it makes it easier for your target audience to discover and interact with your brand online. How to setup a Facebook business page 2021? Follow the below steps to create your Facebook page for business. 1. Sign up for a Facebook business page To createContinue reading “How to create a Facebook page for Business? in less than 10 minutes”

How to generate Leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a leading social media platform for professionals to network, share ideas, engage and grow together. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for your marketing and sales professionals to generate leads across globe. Are you wondering how to generate lead from LinkedIn? You are not alone… Top ten effective ways to generate leads from LinkedInContinue reading “How to generate Leads from LinkedIn?”