How to generate Leads from LinkedIn in 2022?

LinkedIn is a leading social media platform for professionals to network, share ideas, engage and grow together. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for your marketing and sales professionals to generate leads across globe. Are you wondering how to generate lead from LinkedIn? You are not alone… Top ten effective ways to generate leads from LinkedInContinue reading “How to generate Leads from LinkedIn in 2022?”

How to get a Public Profile on Snapchat?

Snapchat has 280 million daily active users worldwide.  On average a Snapchat user in the United States spends 26 minutes per day on the platform in 2021. (Source – Statista). What is Snapchat? Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking platforms to attract a massive follower base from across the globe. The platform has come aContinue reading “How to get a Public Profile on Snapchat?”

How to Grow your Instagram Page in 2022?

Instagram has more than 1.48 billion active users worldwide in 2022. 71% of the 1.074 billion monthly active users on the Instagram platform are under the age of 35. (Source – eMarketer). Top 13 ways to grow your Instagram page and followers Let’s check out the thirteen ways to grow your Instagram page below. 1.Complete your Instagram Profile 2.Identify theContinue reading “How to Grow your Instagram Page in 2022?”

What is LinkedIn for Recruiters 2022?

1.6 million plus engaged talent professionals actively use LinkedIn. By utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter expand your searches beyond your personal connections and have access to more than 500 million LinkedIn members. LinkedIn Recruiter is used as an outbound recruitingmethod as you can reach out to your ideal candidates using an advanced filtered search. What’s LinkedIn Recruiter?Continue reading “What is LinkedIn for Recruiters 2022?”

How to Upload or Change Your LinkedIn Background Photo?

Having a personalized LinkedIn profile will make you stand out among your colleagues or competitors when a prospective employer checks your profile, your profile photo makes the first impression about you. Changing your LinkedIn background image or cover photo is one of the effective ways to express yourself to someone visiting your profile online. WhyContinue reading “How to Upload or Change Your LinkedIn Background Photo?”

What are the Strategies for Content Marketing?

What is content marketing? Content Marketing offers a wonderful opportunity for Marketers to promote their content like blogs, videos, ebook and etc.., using various marketing channels. Content marketing allows you to improve your brand reputation, build a community and grow your audience by delivering valuable and relevant content to your potential prospects and customers. DefinitionContinue reading “What are the Strategies for Content Marketing?”

Difference between Social listening and Social Monitoring

Social listening and Social monitoring are terms that have been used interchangeably in digital marketing, but there is a difference. What is Social Listening? Social listening is the process of understanding your audience by collecting data from social mentions around your brand, industry and any other topics relevant to your brand and make better decisionsContinue reading “Difference between Social listening and Social Monitoring”

What is Social Media Marketing in B2B?

84% of C-level and VP- level decision makers are influenced by social media when purchasing a product or service. (Source – IDC) What is Social Media Marketing in B2B? Social media marketing in B2B is the utilization of different social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.., to engage with your potential prospectsContinue reading “What is Social Media Marketing in B2B?”

What is Retargeting in Marketing 2022?

97% of website visitors who visits your website for the first time leave without buying anything from your site. Retargeting ads helps you to convert those visitors. What’s Retargeting in Marketing? Retargeting in marketing helps you to target your website visitors of your company’s products or services after they leave your website without buying. AfterContinue reading “What is Retargeting in Marketing 2022?”