Top 35 LinkedIn Interesting statistics every marketer must know in 2021

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for professionals to network. Let’s check out the top 35 interesting LinkedIn statistics every marketer should know. 1. LinkedIn has more than 774 million members. (Source – LinkedIn) 2. 57 million plus companies were listed on LinkedIn. 3. 210 million plus job applications were submitted everyContinue reading “Top 35 LinkedIn Interesting statistics every marketer must know in 2021”

How to add resume on LinkedIn in 2022?

Are you wondering how to add resume on LinkedIn? Follow the steps below to upload your resume to LinkedIn. There are two different ways to add your resume on LinkedIn platform after LinkedIn’s 2020 design update: Add/Upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile as featured media. Add/Upload a resume every time you apply for aContinue reading “How to add resume on LinkedIn in 2022?”

Top 20 Statistics on Content Marketing every marketer must know

The importance of content marketing is to create and distribute relevant content so that your prospects and customers can learn about your business, expertise, and products or services. Let’s check out the top 20 content marketing statistics every marketer must know while creating their content marketing strategy. 70% of content marketers are very actively investingContinue reading “Top 20 Statistics on Content Marketing every marketer must know”

Facebook Specs for Ads in 2022 the ultimate cheat sheet

Facebook is the leading social networking platform and advertising on Facebook is essential to attract all types of audiences across globe. What are the specs for Facebook ads? In this guide you will learn about the Facebook ads size and specifications to get acquainted with Facebook ads. 1. What is Facebook Image Ads Size andContinue reading “Facebook Specs for Ads in 2022 the ultimate cheat sheet”

Cost for LinkedIn Premium

39% percentage of members in LinkedIn pay for LinkedIn premium according to the research by Kinsta and 80% B2B leads are coming from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Premium is predominantly used by customers in the United States (150 million), India (50 million), China (42 million) and the UK (25 million). Source ( Price of LinkedIn Premium LinkedInContinue reading “Cost for LinkedIn Premium”

How to Create LinkedIn Polls?

You are here because you have seen a lot of polls on your LinkedIn feed lately. In this guide you can learn how to create your LinkedIn poll, benefits of LinkedIn polls and FAQ’s regarding LinkedIn polls. You can create your LinkedIn polls from your mobile device and on your desktop computers and you needContinue reading “How to Create LinkedIn Polls?”

How to find out when did you join LinkedIn?

I was talking to one of the HR regarding a job opportunity recently and the HR asked me this question. How long have you been using LinkedIn? I knew I joined LinkedIn around 2011/2012 during my MBA college days but I didn’t know the exact date. So, I started searching in the LinkedIn account settingsContinue reading “How to find out when did you join LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn Advertising how to?

In this LinkedIn advertising guide, you can learn about why LinkedIn Ads, the different types of Ads in LinkedIn, how to create your LinkedIn Ad and tips and tricks to remember while creating your LinkedIn Ad campaign. Why LinkedIn Ads? LinkedIn ads provides you a wonderful opportunity to promote your brand, drive website traffic, generateContinue reading “LinkedIn Advertising how to?”

How to Twitter Advertising? Step by step guide

Twitter advertising is an excellent tool for advertisers to promote their product and services to reach existing and new users to drive traffic, generate leads and close more sales. You will learn about how to create your first-ever Twitter ad campaign, the different types of Twitter ads, and why should use Twitter Ads and tipsContinue reading “How to Twitter Advertising? Step by step guide”

How To Instagram Advertising in 2022?

Instagram has one Billion monthly active users across globe and 33 percent of global Instagram audiences were aged between 25 and 34 years. (Statista) Instagram has two million advertisers actively advertising on their platform according to Instagram. To get started creating your first Instagram ad, log into your Facebook account, go over to your FacebookContinue reading “How To Instagram Advertising in 2022?”