What marketing is? Types, Benefits and 4p’s of marketing

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Marketing refers to the steps which the company takes to promote their products or services, using various marketing channels to attract their target audience, generate leads and ultimately close more deals.

Top 10 interesting Types of marketing

There are several types of marketing, let us discuss the top 10 types below.

1. Social media marketing

Making use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and etc to promote your Business online to reach wider audience.

2. Search engine optimization:

SEO is the process of optimizing your website content so that it appears in google search engine results when some one types for a specific keyword. It is used by brands to attract visitors who perform searches in search engine they’re interested in learning about a particular product or service.

3. Content marketing

Creating contents like blogs, eBooks, whitepaper, infographic and publishing it is great way to grow your organic visitors to your website. Companies now publish blogs to write about their industry and best practices to attract the interest of potential prospects who search the internet for information.

4. Search engine marketing: 

SEO drives organic visitor wherein SEM you need to pay to bring traffic to your website. Companies can now pay search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and etc. to place links on top of their search results to attract more visitors to their website.

5.Video marketing: 

Video marketing is increasing nowadays across all social media platforms, brands put lot of efforts into creating and publishing all kinds of videos that entertain and educate their core customers. Video content is the great way to show your audience about your product rather talking.

6. Inbound marketing:

Inbound marketing helps you to generate leads via your company website, you can promote your business on social media channels or you can run google ads to generate inbound leads.

7. Print marketing: 

Print marketing is been there for ages, brands continue to sponsor articles, photography and relevant content to publish their articles in leading newspapers and magazines to reach wider audience.

8. Email marketing:

Sending regular email communications to your subscribers who have signed up to your email list to build relationships and drive sales.

9. Retargeting:

Helps you to contact your first-time website visitors and   existing customers to comeback to your website again or close a sale

10. Influencer marketing:

Using social media influencers who has high no of followers on social network channels to promote your product or service.

What is Marketing benefits?

Here’s the list of top 8 benefits of marketing.

1. Boost Brand Awareness

This is essential because it creates awareness of your brand towards your potential prospects and customers. It creates the brand recall value which increase your customers to trust your brand, become loyal clients, and tell their network about you.

2. Increasing Traffic to your Website

An effective marketing strategy will help you to boost the number of visitors to your website, which allows you to generating more qualified leads and ultimately close more sales.

3. Identify your Target audience

This is the most crucial and effective way for any business to find out who are their target audience, it can be done based on understanding the creating target buyer persona. It depends on industry to industry.

4. Competitor Analysis

Marketing lets you research on to your competitors, you can keep a track of your competitor companies’ product or service updates. If you know something is working for your competitor you can create similar strategy to boost your sales.

5. Generate leads and close more sales

An effective marketing plan can help you to generate leads and close more sales through a variety of strategies like Identifying your target audience, optimizing your company website, writing compelling content, doing SEO, running google ads, social media marketing, creating email campaigns and performing A/B tests to achieve your marketing goal.

6. Improving Trust in Your Brand

Creating a high level of trust in your brand leads to customer loyalty and it increases repeat sales. This method helps you to get great reviews of your brand both online and offline by word of mouth, which is the excellent way to promote your business.

7. Measure Your Metrics

Analysing your metrics are the great way to improve your overall marketing strategy. This well help you to understand what is working and what is not working for your business based on the report you can take required steps to improve your marketing activities. If you figured out something is working great for your brand, you can create similar strategy to grow your business.

8. Build a community

Marketing lets you to create a community of followers who are interested in your product or service across globe. This community of followers will become your customers eventually, they will promote your brand to reach wider audience.

What is 4p in marketing?

4p’s of marketing was introduced by E Jerome McCarthy in the year 1960. The full form of 4p’s is Product, Price, Place and Promotion.


Product refers to a concept, or physical goods, or a service, or any combination of the three. Let’s assume you are introducing a new mobile phone to the market. Mobile phone is the product of your business.


Price refers to how much money it cost to buy a product, or services. If you are charging $1000 to buy your mobile phone it is the price the customer needs to pay to buy your product.


Place refers to the act of marketing and distributing products to your customers. If you are selling your mobile phones through your ecommerce website, here the ecommerce website of yours is the place.


Promotion refers what are the actions you are taking to market your product or services so it can reach your target audience. You can use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc to promote your mobile phone.

What is marketing network?

Network marketing refers to one on one marketing, to be in successful in this you need to build a great network around you. LinkedIn is one of the best tools to build your professional network across globe by directly connecting with the decision makers online. Participating in the tradeshow’s events are the great way to build network offline.

Final Thoughts

Hope, the above article helps you to understand what is marketing, different types of marketing, benefits of marketing and 4p’s of marketing.  It is very important for to you understand how to use marketing effectively to grow your business.

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