How to create a social media marketing plan in 2022?

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What social media marketing is?

Making use of various social media platforms to market a company’s brand, product or service is known as social media marketing.

What is a social media marketing plan?

A social media marketing plan is a strategy clearly describing your social media marketing goals, the steps you will need to take to achieve your vision and the reports to measure your performance.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing allows you to

  • Boost your company’s brand awareness
  • Grow your community online
  • Listen to your target audience through social listening
  • Promote your products and services across globe
  • Offer customer support service on your brands social media channels
  • Advertise your products and services to your target audiences using social media ads

11 effective ways to create a social media marketing plan for you

1. Identify your target audience

The essential part of the plan is to know your target audience. For example, if you identified your target audience as single Females who lives in New York between the age group of 20 – 29 who primarily uses Instagram then your success rate would be high.

You need to know answers for the following questions to create the target buyer persona

Creating target buyer persona In B2C Scenario

  • Age
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Income
  • Pain Points that you could address for your customers
  • Most Used Social Network
  • Marital Status
  • Knowing their interest

2. Choose your social media platforms

Once you know your target audience and understand on which social media platforms, they are active based on that you can choose your social media platforms and create a plan accordingly.

Example for social media marketing

Example 1 – B2B Scenario

Assuming you are a B2B email marketing software company that primary sell email marketing tools to Banking companies with an employee size of 500 plus based in United States.

Target personas for your business is to reach out to CMO’s, Head of Marketing and Director of Marketing who are based in the United States.

The ideal social media platform for your business is to focus on LinkedIn Marketing since it is the no 1 platform for b2b marketing, so it makes sense for you to invest in this networking platform

Example 1 – B2C Scenario

Assuming you are a B2C ecommerce company that primarily sells Denim jackets for Men in the United States.

Target Personas for your business is to reach out to Men who lives in the United States between the age group of 20 – 39 who are interested in riding bikes.

In this case, the ideal social media platform for your business is to focus on Instagram marketing.

3. Analyse your competitor

Try to do a competitor analysis and find out what kind of social channels your competitors are using and how they are marketing their brand on those platforms. Based on your research create a similar social media strategy for your business.

4. Explore creating various type of content

Now you know who is your target audience is and where they are active and you also know what kind of content your competitors are creating and sharing. With that knowledge it must be easy for you to begin creating and curating content.

Creating a high-quality content always performs well remember that while creating content and publishing it on your social media network.

5. Determine the right time to post

Identify when your target audience are active on the social media platforms based on their timings publish your social media posts so it will catch your target audience attention and increase your engagement rate.

6. Social Listening

Listen to your audience using social listening tools to understand what they are saying about your brand online and you can also listen to your competitors as well using social listening tools. Based on that you can take the necessary actions to improve your social marketing strategy.

7. Consistency is the key

Maintain a social media content calendar and be consistent in publishing contents to increase your online visibility and to grow your audience. If you are not consistent for long time you may lose your followers.

8. Interact with your audience

Engage with your audience by responding to their questions on your social media networks. It builds a trust among your audience if you try to solve their problem.

9. Measure your performance

Track and analyse your social media marketing performance using the reports and figure out what is working and what is not working for you. These reports will help you to concentrate more on what type of content is working for you, and you can create similar content to boost your engagement rate.

10. Invest in social media marketing tools

There are several tools available in the market which help you to schedule your social media posts, monitor your social media platforms and to listen to your audience and competitors. Pick up the best tool which works for you based on your business needs. All those tools provide free trial version, you can try it and if you are satisfied you can upgrade to paid membership or you can just cancel if it doesn’t work.

11. Advertise on social media platforms

If you have an advertising budget, please utilise the paid advertising services offered by the social media platforms to grow your followers faster, generate leads and close more deals.

Best Social media platforms to market your product or services

Here’s the list of popular social media channels you need to consider

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube
  7. Snapchat
  8. TikTok

Creating an account in the above social media platforms are absolutely free so you need not to worry about the budget. But, to create content you need to invest, you can develop an inhouse team to handle your social media platforms or you can take advantage of outsourcing to third party social media marketing agencies.

Final Thoughts

Social Media Marketing is very important for any business to create brand awareness, engage with customers online and close more sales. Creating a marketing plan for social media will definitely help you succeed your social media goals.

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