How to add resume on LinkedIn in 2023?

How to add resume on LinkedIn

Are you wondering how to add resume on LinkedIn?

Follow the steps below to upload your resume to LinkedIn.

There are two different ways to add your resume on LinkedIn platform after LinkedIn’s 2020 design update:

  1. Add/Upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile as featured media.
  2. Add/Upload a resume every time you apply for a job using LinkedIn’s easy apply function.

LinkedIn allows you to convert your LinkedIn profile into a resume PDF if you keep updating your LinkedIn profile up to date, which comes handy when you are applying for a job.

LinkedIn helps users to add articles, links, and files to their profile. If you want recruiters to read your resume when they find you on LinkedIn, you should upload a resume under your name and headline as “Featured Media” in your LinkedIn profile section.

Below are the steps to follow how to upload your resume on your LinkedIn profile:

Step 1:  Select the Me icon at the right-side top of your LinkedIn home page

Step 2; Click view profile.

Step 3: Hit the “Add profile section” button, and select the “Featured” tab.

Step 3: Choose “Media” and select the resume file which you want to upload from your desktop computer.

Excellent your resume has been uploaded to your LinkedIn profile.

How to Add/Upload your resume to LinkedIn using “Easy Apply”

The excellent way to add/upload your resume on LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume every time you apply for a job using LinkedIn’s “Easy Apply” feature.

Follow the below steps to upload your resume to LinkedIn during applying for a job.

Step 1: Select the Jobs icon from your LinkedIn home page.

Step 2: You will find a list of jobs which is recommended by LinkedIn. Select on the particular job listing to know more information.

Step 3: By selecting Easy apply icon you can easily apply for a job.

Step 4: Click “Upload Resume” to add a new resume file.

Step 5: Hit “Submit Application”.

Done you have been successfully updated your resume.

LinkedIn allows you to save up to four most recent resumes of yours, which helps you to update your resumes and target different jobs. You can find your saved resumes under LinkedIn’s job application settings, and you can easily update them.

If you would like to remove your resume from LinkedIn, you can remove it by clicking “delete” on the LinkedIn application settings page or featured media page, depending on where you uploaded your resume.

Should you add your resume to LinkedIn?

You should add your resume directly to your LinkedIn profile if you are actively looking for a job. Your LinkedIn resume will be visible to recruiters who are actively hiring.

What are the resume file formats supported on LinkedIn?

PDFs, .doc, and .docx are the different file formats supported on LinkedIn.

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