What is LinkedIn for Recruiters 2022?

What is LinkedIn for Recruiters

1.6 million plus engaged talent professionals actively use LinkedIn. By utilizing LinkedIn Recruiter expand your searches beyond your personal connections and have access to more than 500 million LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn Recruiter is used as an outbound recruitingmethod as you can reach out to your ideal candidates using an advanced filtered search.

What’s LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is a is a paid tool by LinkedIn for hiring process which is mostly used by HR heads, HR managers, and Talent recruiters that allows you to find, manage, and contact the ideal candidates for your team.

LinkedIn Recruiter is similar to LinkedIn Sales Navigator but it is used for recruiting candidates.

Similar to Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter also offers an advanced keyword search option with Booleans and advanced search filters, to help you find the right candidate.

Find the right people quick using LinkedIn recruiter

  • Advanced search filters and spotlights allows you to identify the talent you’re looking for.
  • Smart suggestions offer a smarter search options with recommended skills, locations, titles, and more for your role.
  • Prioritize candidates based on several criteria like who are ready to make a move, including those open to hearing from you, contractors, and past applicants.

Be an efficient, strategic partner

  • Time Saving.  Recruiters can use saved searches and alerts for candidates who are open to new opportunities instead of re-creating searches for every role.
  • Collaborate. Tools offered to help manage your pipeline, track people you want to hire, and share your team’s candidate notes.
  • Notifications. Get alerts when top candidates update their LinkedIn profile, so you can immediately reach out.
  • Measure results. Check out the reports to track InMail and job posts performance, plus overall usage of all your LinkedIn products.

Once you find your list of candidates through its search filter, you can reach to the candidates using personalized InMails (even if you are not connected with them in your LinkedIn network). To fasten the process, you can utilize bulk messaging and saved templates to reach out to more candidates even faster.

Later, you can prioritize candidates and narrow in on candidates who are more likely to respond. As in, those who’ve indicated there are looking for new job opportunities, have engaged with your brand, or match your job requirements.

Once you run a filtered search for your potential candidates using several filtering options like job titlelocationskills and other keywords, LinkedIn Recruiters offers a potential talent pool which you can prioritize or save to a project.

LinkedIn Recruiter offers 150 InMail messages per month per team member to contact any candidate across globe. 

Let’s you easily manage and track your recruitment efforts with use of LinkedIn’s powerful analytics tool. This analytical tool helps you better keep track of the candidates you reached out to, who replied, who didn’t, and so on. 

Other LinkedIn Recruiter features include:

  • Advanced search and AI-based recommendations to identify the right candidate who match your requirement
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations 
  • The option to work with your team and share candidate’s profiles and projects.

How much does LinkedIn Recruiter Cost?

LinkedIn Recruiter offers two different plans.

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite – costs $119.99 per month for monthly subscription or $ 1,199.40 for annual subscription
  2. LinkedIn Recruiter (Corporate plan) – costs $825 per month for monthly subscription or $8399 for annual subscription

What’s the difference between Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Recruiter?

The items listed below are the major differences between Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Recruiter. 

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite (Basic plan)

Overview: Ideal if your hiring needs are limited. Recruiter lighter version allows you find, connect, and manage candidates.

Seats: Only one seat per account.

InMails: Reach out to 30 candidates every month in InMail and save your best performing templates for future use.

Search: Enabled to search for limited details

Reports: Job analytics report and InMail analytics reports are available.

LinkedIn Recruiter (Corporate plan)

About: Ideal if you need to fill your pipeline quickly or you are consistently hiring. LinkedIn recruiter tool provides you unlimited access to more than 550 million members, allowing you to recruit candidates on an ongoing basis.

Seats: Multiple seats that can share data, allowing seamless collaboration among members of the recruiting team.

InMails: Each seat receives 150 InMails every month. You can send bulk messages up to 25 candidates at once with personalized templates that can be saved for future use.

Search: Enabled to search for more details than Recruiter Lite like candidate’s field of study, years at the current company, and years in the current position, among others

Reports: Jobs and InMail analytics reporting, plus insights into your Recruiter pipeline, monthly usage report, cross contract reporting  and performance summaries.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter?

Let’s check out the benefits of LinkedIn recruiters below,

1. Reach out to people who are outside your network.

LinkedIn recruiter allows you to reach out to people who are outside your LinkedIn network.

2. Bulk messaging

LinkedIn recruiter offers bulk messaging option which reduces your time in reaching out to potential prospects.

3. Candidate Profile suggestions

LinkedIn Recruiters offers algorithm-based candidate recommendations to help you fill your requirements quickly. In Recruiter, there are five different pages where LinkedIn recommend prospects who might be a fit for your role or company.  These include Potential Candidates You May Want to Hire, Similar Profiles, Profile Matches for your posted jobs, People Also Viewed and Suggested Profiles.

4. Update Me

LinkedIn Recruiter offers you visibility into changes candidates make to their public profiles so that you can engage with candidates in a timely way. The “Update Me” option in LinkedIn Recruiter allows recruiters to get notified when candidates make changes to their public LinkedIn profile pages. These updates could be changes to candidate profiles headline or experience, education or a skill, an honor received, an update to their contact information, or a new job.

5. Talent Updates

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to send targeted messages through the LinkedIn update stream and nurture potential prospects. Talent Updates allows recruiters to share status updates like recruiting events, company blog posts, and employee videos with their company’s followers, right from the LinkedIn Recruiter seat. This allows that the next time a company follower visits LinkedIn, he will see your company’s updates in his homepage feed, in his mobile feed and on your Company Page. The updates on company followers like, share, or comment on will be shared with their connections, helping to extend the content’s visibility.

6. Connection path

LinkedIn Recruiter provides visibility into how you are connected to the candidate to easily identify the candidate fitment.

Your connections – This module allows you to see how you may be connected to a candidate profile which you are evaluating. This could be through your first level or second-level connection. Understanding this relationship can help you reach out to your network to get some further information on the prospect.

Your coworkers – The “Your Coworkers” tab on your profile page in LinkedIn Recruiter suggests colleagues at the user’s company who are connected with the prospect at prior jobs or academic institutions. Insight from colleagues who know the prospect can be helpful, whether you are at the beginning of the recruiting process or at the end of the hire process.

7. InMail Recipient Insights:

Data that will helps you to personalize your InMails and check your response rates. LinkedIn Recruiter makes it easy for you to get the data you need to send a tailored, personalized, one-to-one InMail by providing you aspects you have in common with the prospect. These information include connections in common, academic institutions or previous employers in common, and LinkedIn Groups that you both are a part of. Research shows the sender is 21% more likely to get a response from a prospect when the InMail is sent to someone with whom they share a common Group. And, referencing a past employer in common increases the chances of getting an InMail response by 27%.

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