Difference between Social listening and Social Monitoring

Social Listening VS Social Monitoring

Social listening and Social monitoring are terms that have been used interchangeably in digital marketing, but there is a difference.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of understanding your audience by collecting data from social mentions around your brand, industry and any other topics relevant to your brand and make better decisions based on the insights.

What is Social Monitoring?

Social monitoring is the process of identifying, tracking, and responding to individual brand mentions on your social media channels, blogs, forums, websites and review sites to understand what people are saying about your brand, products or services, and competitors.

Social Listening vs Social Monitoring

Social listening tracks brand mentions as well as broader social conversations and trends into consideration to uncover social insights that can drive change within your organization.

Social monitoring allows you to hear what your audience are saying about your company, brand, or campaign, with its primary function of measuring the popularity of these specific topics.

Social Listening is Proactive

Social listening is more of a proactive approach. It allows your marketing team to take a step back from the need to respond to social mentions immediately and assess the broader patterns into consideration. 

Social Monitoring is Reactive

Social monitoring is all about responding to comments on your social media by your customers when they mention about your brand on social media, it is by definition a reactive strategy. Reactive strategy is important, it is fast, efficient, allows you to send personalized response to your customers comments and lets your customers know that they matter to you the most.

Social Listening needs Automation

Social Listening requires an automated tool to gather data from different sources. The right social listening tools will allow you to automatically track keywords, trends, and brand mentions and provide the insights to make better decision making.

Social Monitoring can be done Manually

Social monitory can be done manually unless you have a huge no of followers. A person managing your Social media channels can directly respond to your followers by logging to your social media accounts.

Social Listening focuses on Macro

Social Listening focuses on macro scale while addressing customers.  Social Listening gathers the data from social monitoring and customer interactions and pools it to build a more comprehensive view of what customers are saying about your brand and how your brand can address a need or a problem of a customer.

Social Listening focuses on Micro

Social monitoring addresses customers on a micro scale. This is when your social media representatives or social media managers respond to incoming queries, issues, and comments on a one-to-one basis. They monitor a feed of notifications and provide an answer or refer the person to the right department, as they might be in a call center.

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